Day317 Second take

I already made plan to try again at the end of August to run the same 100 miles again. After looking at what went wrong, I think I can get over the huddles. August can’t be hotter than now.

Any way, once the time comes I will prepare better.

Going to sleep on it for now. Hotel and flights are cheaper now than when I got them before. Maybe because of the coronavirus has become more severe, or maybe this time I am booking farther in advance.

Body-wise, A bit sore all over. It was not as bad as my first half marathon/marathon. I remember back then, I couldn’t walk after finishing. I feel it when go up and down the stairs. I haven’t felt like this for a long time. And kind of happy about it – like old friend! Seriously, last time I was like this…I can’t recall, maybe two years ago in Delaware.

I studied the strava/garmin data. I did slow down a lot. It was a downward trend. Yes, was a very bad news. In my mind, I thought I was staying steady, but data is showing otherwise.

Going share some pictures of the run.

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  2. Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing your journey!


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