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  • Day347 Run review – full report (GSER 2)

    They say don’t try anything new on race day that you haven’t tested in the training. This is a lesson I learned. It is more than about the shoes. I have gotten cocky after so many runs and thought I got it. So after so many successful runs, I broke many of the runners’ ‘rules’. […]

  • Day345 The run

    Just in case some of you wonder if I finish the 100 mile run, no, I stopped after 15 hours into it. I was stuck at mile 45 for an hour and the prospect to go any further was impossible. The blisters on my feet were getting worse. This was not from the poison ivy. […]

  • Day344 A second attempt – about to start

    I am a few hours away from starting the run. As of right now I just woke up and still am very comfortable on my bed in the hotel near the airport. By the way, after having been of other city airport hotels, this is one of the best! It is comfortable and inexpensive and […]

  • Day343 Atlanta here I come

    Ready or not here I come! I am not ready, but I am going. About 7 weeks ago (July 1/2), I was in Atlanta to run the Great Southern Endurance Run (GSER). I was only able to do it halfway and vowed I will be back to finish it. Here goes, this weekend I will […]

  • Day322 A run in Atlanta inside perspective

    [long read] It has been a week since my 100 mile attempt. It is like a dream now that it is over. Through out the process I have been asking myself how I feel. I felt excited and anxious during the planning and still is and am very much respecting this distance. I did not […]

  • Day318 recovery

    I have gone over the turnsheet today. It was really messed up. I am not feeling regretful or angry about it, because there is no one to blame but myself of not double checking it before my run. It played a role in me not finishing the 100 Miler but it was not a significant […]

  • Day317 Second take

    I already made plan to try again at the end of August to run the same 100 miles again. After looking at what went wrong, I think I can get over the huddles. August can’t be hotter than now. Any way, once the time comes I will prepare better. Going to sleep on it for […]

  • Day316 100 mile review

    There were a lot of things went well and I also made a lot of newbie mistakes. In the end I did not finish. The 100 mile run is not easy. They say running a 100 miles is to overcome issues that crop up along the way. To finish you have to overcome those. Some […]