Day325 a day

A day that I don’t post anything is like a day wasted or gone. What did I do that day? What did I do that week, month, or year?

When I was young, I have memorable experiences, and you can remember everything. When now I am older, all these recent years seem to pass so quickly. I can’t even remember what happen last week, or last month, or last decade. I felt I have not don’t anything significant.

There is actual a study done to prove this. We remember less and less much as we age.

I feel that is a reason why I need to post something or else my life just passes by and I can’t recall anything that happened.

One response to “Day325 a day”

  1. Me too lol… but I also love writing it down and then remembering later ❤️

    A year from now my life be different and I can come back and remember (if I want to lol)

    But I kinda like to remember

    My phone actually will remind me of memories similar to how Facebook used to (they probably still do, but I don’t do social media now)

    The other day it reminded me of a surgery 🤨 that stuff I do not want to remember – hoping the old age makes me forget those moments 😝

    But I am kinda same – but I think I am older than you lol ✌️


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