Day324 up ahead

These two weeks have been a pause to life. There was nothing to do. More like nothing I want to do.

After the race, all the pressure is gone. I looked back at it a bit. There is a guy who is going to attempt it in six weeks (last weekend of August). I too am going to try it again. I booked my hotel and flight. I saved a bit money this time because of the price drop for flight. I could have saved much more on the hotel but I messed that up. If I booked my flight first I could get 20% on my hotel, but I booked the hotel first then the flight, so no 20% for me, that would have been $60 off. Still this second trip is already a lot cheaper.

It is silly for me to think running is a form of pressure. I think it is the good kind. I don’t like pressure I get from work with deadlines and worry about career path. If I could live and not have to work at all, that would be ideal, but unfortunately, I am a mortal like everyone else, working is a fact of life. Even millionaires work. I guess I wish I can do the things I can enjoy, like spending my time to program stuffs.

Just a few more days before my quarantine period is over – 48 more hours. I have been resting my body. For the first time, there is no ache or anything. They are all healed.

Actually, I don’t think my body took that big a damage. I can say, I am 100% back to normal and ready to do it again.

Enough digression. For next six-eight weeks, I plan to go to PA, WV, PA, and then a family camping trip.

Next weekend: would be the virtual run trip to Camp Anderson. I need to get that done in July.

The following week (last week of July), I would either rest or try Laurel highland or Seneca, in West Virginia.

Then August, I need to make a trip to Laurel Highlands. Have to start training again.

Then a week (first/second week of August) to rest up or do a local run (such snicker gap). I will leave a week unplanned. I could go down to grayson highlands if I am up for it.

Third week in August would be family camping at Buffalo Park. Really don’t want to take a day off for this even though I have plenty of PTO available (20+ days)

Fourth week of August would be my run in Atlanta again.

There is not much time. Summer is passing quickly. I need to get back to speed.

Constant high paced life and over commitment is not good. But sometimes it just can’t be helped.

PS. I have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation in Atlanta. It is not good. Based on current available projection though the end of August should have some improvements. It is possible that Atlanta would have a lower Covid-19 count than here in Northern Virginia by then. Hopefully, they won’t require me to go into quarantine once I get there.

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  1. 🙂 Ya I would like to do an endurance run around Lake Tahoe too and read about it from some runners who attempted it :). I drove around it a few years ago. I always want to be back, at the time I wasn’t a runner. It would be heavenly to run there. I would also want to do scuba diving and in the winter to ski!! 🙂 You guys have so much out west! (I can’t ski or scuba yet, but they are my dream)


  2. Lol awww 🥰 … you don’t have to do that – you should totally come visit – I can show you ranch and Lake Tahoe and San Francisco – you would never want to leave – once you experience, it grabs you!!! Lol

    I won’t take the wrong way but thank you for thinking to be careful – I appreciate that.

    You don’t know me based on looks so is different ✌️

    I know what you mean 😊


  3. Several times in the past when I read your posts I said to myself that would be my ideal life, but then if I say it, you might take it the wrong way…since what you are going through is anything but that. I kept my mouth shut.

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  4. Hey I live on a ranch currently lol… it is awesome – keep that dream alive!!

    However ranches take work to keep up, especially if is large lol… so you would have to hire someone to be able to go fishing every day

    And if I slept under a tree I would probably be attacked by ants or bees lol … under a tree in a tent maybe – I would still get burnt under a tree lol ✌️

    Always pros and cons lol

    And yeah I always dreamed of having a really awesome family myself – that also scares me too. It’s scary cause it hits your heart. You don’t want to be hurt (for me at least) 😘✌️

    Keep your dreams alive though – your passions are very impressive


  5. Haha, that is only because I have nothing better thing to do :). My dream is more like living on a ranch and go fishing every day or sleep under a tree and be like buddha. Don’t know if that will ever come true. My other dream was to marry an ideal woman, but now that really scares the heck out me.

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  6. I admire your drive and passion very much!


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