I have to mark this day. I had my first run since who know when. 5.5 miles. It was a combination or walk/run. Mostly walk. My body or aerobic level has eroded a lot. Usually I could do 10 miles without stopping. Wait I used to run for 3 hours straight without having to stop. Now I felt like a big elephant running down the street. Every couple steps I would have to stop to catch my breath. Maybe an elephant could run faster than me. Any way, it was a good run. It was 80 but felt like 90 degree. Nope, I didn’t see any meteor shower. Three times I almost was run over by a bike because I was looking up at the sky instead of where I was running. Yes, how could I run without looking at where I was running. The guy on the bike freaked out too ๐Ÿ™‚ No I wear really bright color clothing and I had plenty of light on me. I need to put some reflector tape on me next time.

The past few days I kept having stomach issue. Not sure what was going on. I am usually strong as an ox and I don’t fall ill. I can eat anything and not get sick. Perfect body for camping. But I have been having stomach issue lately. My bellyache came as I started running. I finished it any way. It went away after getting back and I after relieved myself. It might be my body is making excuses. However, I do have stay away from spices.

Those Korean food has too much hot spices. I tried to stay away. The waiter guy at the restaurant warned me as I was buying it for my lunch. I ordered something that was described as Korean spagetti with spicy sauce. The waiter tried to confirm my order and said we don’t have spagetti here. I said I don’t mind substitute. No he actually did not want me order that dish. I showed the guy the menu – it was the first item. He said that really is not spagetti. I said I know. The menu is in Korean but they had Engish translation and it translated as spagetti. Then he said to me it is very spicy. He asked if I can take the heat. I said (and lied) I like spicy food. Are you sure you want it? Yes. I have been trying to eat spicy stuff since my former girlfriend likes them. The dish was not that spicy (it was Gochujang) but much sweeter than I expected, but I don’t usually eat spicy food, and my stomach contracted and burned until I went to the bathroom. I was a good dish though. I thought I couldn’t make it home. My stomach felt like it was going blow up. That’s me. Every time I eat spicy food, they burn as they go in and through the whole GI tract and on their way out. I do love Korean food.

2 responses to “Day337”

  1. Looking back, the guy really didn’t want me to order that dish. I was a bit dense.


  2. Hahahah Oh my god! That is the funniest story… I love the part when the guy asks if you can take the heat ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

    I am afraid to try Indian food cause I am afraid it will be way too spicy for me…

    I like a little spice but donโ€™t set my insides on fire lol


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