Day340 desires

Sometimes I don’t know what to write because after 339 entries, what I want to say might likely have been said before. It seems I am repeating the same thing.

I had an amazing run. I never ever had a bad run. It is so much cooler now. I started to split my run because trying to do 20 miles in one short is still too much for me to handle. Splitting it into a 5 mile run at lunch plus a longer run at night was not too bad.

Yes, I have to give up my lunch hour for the run. My schedule got rearranged a bit. Then though I have twice the joy.

Noon run was a bit hotter at around 86 degree. But the time was short. One hour and I am done. Originally I wanted only to go for 3 miles so I would have a bit time left for lunch, but I got into the rhythm, and ran more than I should.

Night run was much cooler. The temperature was around 70 degree. It was peaceful. I enjoyed being out in the neighborhood. I so love fall running.

An interesting observation is if running is so good, why I don’t do it more enough. I wish I could run 24/7. But realize that running was not my full time. I was thinking what drive me out to run three to four hours each day.

My answer is I get to think on spirituality. Usually one or two verses from the bible came to mind. I like to think on messages my pastor shared at the last meeting.

Last night was on desire.

You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.
Psalms 63:1 NIV

I won’t call my running my god/idol. There is though a deep longing. Because of the longing I go for a run. After the run, I seem to be satisfied.

Physiologically, it is endorphine and other chemicals mixing in my brain. However, I like to believe there is a deeper connection to nature and even something deeper, i.e., supernatural.

This is kind of run I like. Yes, I like doing the mindless training too and running just so I can run faster. Last night I was able to cut my half marathon time by 10 minutes (2:40), that was cool. However, I like that quiet time, my mind could flow to and “meditate” on the metaphysical and deeper things.

2 responses to “Day340 desires”

  1. I might be tripping on whatever my brain is producing during my runs 🙂 and the wow feeling and insights I think I got disappear just as soon as I reach home. I forget almost everything like when you wake up from a dream knowing it was good dream but can’t recall it 🙂


  2. Always love your posts – I like to see your planning, how it goes and what you think…

    And this post I really liked because I totally understand having that peace and those quiet moments

    I’m not a runner, unless being chased by a bee or something lol… but I have things that give me peace like your running does for you ❤️

    Nature is totally incredible with that peace! You do really get a chance to relax, think and breathe. ❤️


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