Day407 recovery

Almost two weeks now, recovery from the hundred mile run is still going slowly.

Immediately after the race, I could hardly walk. I slept for an hour or so before going back to the hotel that day.

I then slept for the next 8 hours or so. There was no running the following day.

Besides, I had to catch the flight back home. No running for that whole week until I think Friday.

The first run was hard. I literally couldn’t run. Muscle is bad but also my heart/breathing too. The whole body was very heavy.

Saturday: I went back out. Pretty much the same story. Saturday and Sunday I had the whole day to be out. There was no rush. I walked mostly the first half (about 4 miles) Then the later half, my muscles and body had warm up a bit and it felt good to be able run “normally”.

I have been going out everyday since. Monday was a holiday so I had a full day running. By Tuesday, my legs were sore again. I had pushed too hard over the weekend.

Wednesday and Today, I dialed back the miles a bit. I am still out of breath easily. Usually I could only have 1 or 2 miles of good run. The rest was trashed. I walked and ran.

Today was a snow day. We had 1-4 inches. Some in our neighborhood, we had barely any snow but just a block later we had snow that were knee deep.

It was hard going. But it was good training. I like to work on my knees and my ankles. The snow kept me on my toes.

Yes still recovery but I was able to get some good workout from the snow.

2 responses to “Day407 recovery”

  1. thank you for reading! because I am like an old machine, it is hard to start back up if stopped, so got to make myself get out there


  2. Would you not take at least a week off running?


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