Day415 breaks

I’m taking it easier this week. Following some of my readers advices, I took couple days off running until the pain in my feet went away. I maybe am burning out. Maybe I should take a month or two off from running. Sike. I’m hyped on so many things this coming summer, like with a 50 miler on 1st of May! The struggle between doing and resting is real.

After two days of rest, I went back to running. I had better results. I ran home from work three times this week: Monday, Tuesday and Friday. It was first time doing it back to back two because it is a hard thing. This time unlike previously after doing a 17-18 miles, I was not as tired afterward. I was even thinking of doing it on the third day, but weather was bad and I needed the rest. Friday, I went back at it. We had much cooler temperature (dropped to 27 F during the night – freezing temp) where as the previous week we were in the low 80s – a big swing. I ran a bit slower pace this week with a lot more rest/walking during the run.

The night runs were beautiful because the cherry blossoms and magnolias were blooming. We had snow one night too. I couldn’t tell at the time whether they were flower petals falling or snow. The trees just glow in the dark! Not really glowing, but they have such high reflective, so a little bit of night would make them glow. I thought it was full moon (last Sunday), but through out on my runs this week, I didn’t see it. Maybe the hour for the moonrise was off.

I realize my body adapted to doing longer runs now but I have a lot harder time with the shorter runs. 3-5 mile runs are my worse enemy.

I didn’t realize this until now, thinking back to my last 50k I did a few weeks ago, our pace group started off with a 10 min-mile pace and I was out of breath after two miles in.

Also on shorter runs I don’t carry my hydration pack, so I am lighter, and it feels weird because I run at a higher cadence and my body is throwing a fit. I think most of my muscles have changed to slow twitch from the fast twitch, which makes it insanely hard to run at a pace what I used to do a year ago. I dropped from 9-10 min-mile to now 12-13 min-mile. It is kind of shocking.

I could run long for many hours but not fast. Being aware of this, I need to get back doing some speed work and lot of shorter runs.

More to come on my next 50, then Laurel Highlands. With 8-9 weeks out, I don’t think I have started training for it yet.

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  1. Happy Easter Antin ❤️✌️


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