Day418 Mouth of Wilson

I might be repeating myself, but I like how goals that seem to be impossible or even unthinkable are suddenly become mundane.

Why I set those goals? I like to dream to the point of fantasizing. Don’t we all? I dream of running in this place and that place or going to here or there because at the time I didn’t have the ability to do it.

Like I dream of running in Sydney or in Patagonia or Machu Picchu or in the Grand Canyon. Hey those are still pretty awesome dreams. But at the time, I saw them as if I will never able to do it. I’ve heard from people who did it, and it was hard to relate to them because it was far from my experience.

Over time though some of those trips are no longer just a dream. I have been to Sydney, Machu Picchu, and Patagonia, and the Grand Canyon. I haven’t race in those locations yet, but to do so wouldn’t be too impossible.

I was looking over my to-dos list and I was thinking oh how boring is that about some of the things I was so hyped about a few years ago. Some of those things no longer draw me as they did back then.

I guess my priority has shifted. I don’t know what my current priority is, but I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if I can run around the world?

I was asked, what would I do if I don’t have to work tomorrow. Meaning no longer having that responsibility of making money. We need money to live. But I am flirting with the idea what if I quit the day job, you know, be like those streamers. Some of them was forced to though. A few of the streamers I follow said they got into streaming because they lost their day job. For me, I was thinking I have so many places to go, and if I am not working, I would be traveling.

My list was to go backpacking on the Appalachian Trail and then the other big trails like the PCT or the CDT (Pacific Crest or the Continental Divides). Then I would run across the continent and the world. I said, I have the next 20 years planned.

There is this youtuber who has been biking around the world for the last 10 years. That is just speaking to my soul. Of course it is not easy and I don’t know if I would like it if I am doing that full-time.

Any way I have to update my goals/bucket list. I forgot what that goal I need to put in. Right Annapurna. I will write on that if it is ever become a real trip.

Here is one — a few years ago I went backpacking on Mt Rogers and Grayson Highlands. I started running back then but not as crazy as now. It didn’t occur to me then people do run there on the mountain. Later though I found out about a marathon being held there in the spring. At the time I didn’t believe I could do it but I have been watching/following it. Last year I signed up, but with corona/covid19, it was deferred and rescheduled but I didn’t run it. Tada… not counting my chicken just yet but next weekend I will be running it there at the mouth of wilson! It is one of my dreams. It is going to be hard and awesome. 14 hours. I hope I can finish the run within 14 hours.

Been keeping it pretty low key. I might or might not post anything next week depending how I feel after the race or even before the race. Not sure how much time I have free on hand to post anything. Definitely I will have a race report – that is one of my thing. I got to have it saved. Just not sure when the report will be ready.

Weather for that weekend though is not looking great. Looking at some cold running and wet probably. So ya 14 hours of that. But anyhow I will run it. I like the name of the place – Mouth of Wilson. Wonder why and who is Wilson? Yes will be on the mountain. Famous really. Virginia highest point! woo

Also May 1st is the start of GVRAT – the rat race across Tennessee. I haven’t signed up. I am still on the fence. I did it last year and had a lot of fun, but this year, kinda not in the mood for a virtual race. Also, I am still doing the CRAW around the world, so it feels like cheating to double dip. The race permit double dipping, but it is just not settling with me. This is so different from last year, when I got the notification of the race, I signed up the same day and the next moment I was out the door running.

Until next time…

One response to “Day418 Mouth of Wilson”

  1. Oh wow!! Keep your dreams alive whatever you decide you want. Be smart with decisions though!

    How exciting some of the stuff is – but also how funny it is to see our passions and directions change isn’t it?

    Hope you are going well Antin ❤️✌️


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