Day447 Halloween

I run because I like it. A more complex answer as to why has to do with the solace and peace I found when I run. There are other reasons too.

Originally I had another post on the topic but it was difficult to finish, and in the end I decided to scratch it and rewrote as this to be a bit cheerful.

The TL;DR (summary), something unexpected came up – It started from an emergency at the beginning of the month and the situation is still ongoing. It took time away from my running and my work. To many people, that seems reasonable. You deal with what is most important in your life. A question is whether my pursuit of my hobby is a selfish endeavor and whether that is undesirable (I wrote about this before). My answer is you live the life you choose. You always have a choice. That is the short answer. Anyway, it might take couple blog posts still to flush it out and I might not want to spend more time on it.

Now that is out of the way, I want to go back to the regular programing.

Just last week I received a message from a friend that he will be running the JFK 50 this year, which is coming up in a couple weeks. At about the same time, I found out from another friend, that his two other friends (who are also my friends) are doing this 50 miler as well. So, people I know are running it and it makes me want to run it too to join them.

I found that is happy crazy, because we kind of talked about last year and I didn’t have much faith that they were going to do it though as a friend you don’t say that. Why this news means much to me is because when I first ran my 50 miler, these people were there to support me. They don’t necessary looking for a reciprocal but I do feel I owe them something. Anyway I am trilled they are running it.

Lastly, there are just a few more days before my 100 mile run. I am not as ready as I want to be for various reasons. There are a lot of undercurrents (such as with my mom’s health being unstable – she might die during my time away). But to me the show should go on. I still want to run it. The reason I am mentioning is to draw to the fact of the pressure I am facing; it is not simply a binary choice to go or not to go, but what is the alternative? There are a lot I want to write but I am just leaving as that. The easy solution is don’t run it — but I wonder is it that easy? My answer still to do what I think is best (in my own interest) and don’t second guess. I’m going leave the post hanging. Readers have to wait for a time to find out if I went or not.

Halloween – how does this post relate to Halloween? nothing. Most see Halloween as a spooky fun holiday. I could write how Halloween is tied to my nephew’s birthday and how annually we celebrate it with him. Not this year. I am in the urgent care center with my mom, who is not feeling well. I think it her fifth time there this month. Not that, it is scary. It is just the fact of life. Today just happens to fall on Halloween. Stay safe and have fun!

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