Day475 don’t jink it

You know when your body crashes, it usually means something is wrong. I had something like that in February after my Covid booster shot. You probably know where I am headed with this.

In my last post, I mentioned how I slept through the weekend. Now thinking back, that was unusual of me. Also, my heart has been racing and vivid dreams. Not the good kind but the bad one, like a premonition. I had a spooky feeling all week. I have been going through my mental checklist, like what is wrong, where is my anxiety coming from, but everything seems ok. It was the lighter version of what I had back in February. In February, I had a full brown panic attack.

This Wednesday, after work my mom gave me a call. Actually I have been calling her the whole day because she kept on setting off her emergency alerts, like every 30 minutes. Each time, I had to call to check if she was in a real emergency. You know since after her stroke last October, any phone calls like these get me very nervous.

The setting on her phone was always there, but somehow, it was enabled that day and she kept on setting it off whenever she turned off her phone or made a call. I believe it was either the 5-second hold or a combination of key press, or the slider thing. For me, how on earth do you set the emergency calling off, but apparently it was very easy. I think too there might have been a bug in a recent update from what I read, that whenever you press the power button, it triggers it.

During the call, my mom said, you know so and so in our family was just tested positive for Covid19. It did not connect to me at that point in time that I just met the infected person about five days ago, being together in the same room. There was a chance that I was also infected. As of today, a couple other people who had come into contact with the person were themselves infected. No kidding. It confirmed there was an “outbreak” in my family (3 or more people, right?). Luckily, I only came into contact with them that one time.

So the next day, I called my boss to request to work from home. During my lunch break, I went and tested for Covid at a local drug store since I don’t have one of those at home kits. Yes, I immediately ordered a few. My result came back negative (not detected/infected). I brushed up on the current CDC guidance. I will leave my opinion on this to myself but thankfully they had a calculator to determine whether one should be in isolation and for how many days.

My big race is coming up, I have been looking forward to it for over a year. I do not want to be kept from it. My race weekend is on Friday the 13th. I know, what the freak! Will it be a full moon too? Luckily, nope. Well the race day is on Saturday morning 5/14, so I am good. Technically, I could drive there after midnight to avoid any bad luck, but ideally on the 13th, I should head to the camp.  The race starts at 4 AM. The pre-race meeting though is around 5 pm on Friday. Details, details.

While I am cleared to be out of my house again, I am keeping every precaution. Stay away from crowds even from my mom. No, especially my family, until everyone is tested negative. Basically staying at home until the race time to lower the risk of getting infected. Be healthy.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Definitely better safe than sorry!!


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