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  • Day475 don’t jink it

    You know when your body crashes, it usually means something is wrong. I had something like that in February after my Covid booster shot. You probably know where I am headed with this. In my last post, I mentioned how I slept through the weekend. Now thinking back, that was unusual of me. Also, my […]

  • the night of!

    Day 185 It has been a year since I started my first post! Thank you for putting up with my rambling. I have run a ton of marathons since. The following are race reports given here for those who want to read them. DC:Abebe19, MD:Baltimore , PA:York, WA:JackJill, WV:Morgantown, VA:EDU, VA:Roanoke19, VA:Seashore50. It is hard […]

  • Post marathon blue

    Day 110 Not sure if it is actually real thing, but I’m suffering post marathon blue. I guess when you get such a runner high and a week later you feel normal life is too normal. The cure is, of course, to go back out and run. I returned to semi formal training but don’t […]