Day513 Secrets

TL;DR – ranting of a busy race schedule

Things are kind of out of order. This post comes before my Stone Mill report. I tried to keep my November schedule simple but things are getting complicated. Not due to any outside factors but completely this is my own doing.

You see, I got a couple secret agendas going on.

Yes these are all about races if anyone chooses to guess. I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Initially I have only one race. Stone Mill 50, that was set in stone (pun intended), back in March or something. Nothing would change that. My fall schedule has been quite empty except for training runs.

Then you know I started to get trigger happy. I signed up for MMT on Halloween. That was no secret I wanted to redo that race.

Then, I also have Richmond Marathon that was supposed to take place on the same day of Stone Mill 50. I got a problem. I couldn’t be in two places at the same time. I knew this when I signed up for Stone Mill. I decided to ditch the Richmond Marathon for Stone Mill back then.

But the wheel in my head started turning. What if I run Richmond as a virtual race. I will still do 26.2 miles but I will do it on another day. I had it set to be the first Saturday of November. I would go down to Richmond to run it on the actual course. It would be fun. That was suppose to be a secret and after the run I will break the news.

Because I am writing this, so it did not happen. I signed up at last minute to run The Bobcat 11 mile run at the Catoctin Park (I don’t remember the actual name, might have been Cunningham Falls State Park or something). It was on the trail I did the Catoctin 50k, one of the hardest 50K I’ve ever done. As readers know, I love hard races. So I signed up. I said I will take care of the Richmond Marathon in another day (the following day was the plan). Bobcat was as amazing as it could be. It was probably the hardest 11 miles I ever did. I really wanted to write a race report for this, but life happened. Sunday came around and I was dead tired. There’s no time now.

Anyway, I still got the Richmond problem. Only weekends left are this coming weekend and the following, Thanksgiving. I don’t want to go away on Thanksgiving, you know because everything will be closed.

But guess what! I signed up for another race for this coming weekend. It is also a long story. I signed up after finishing Stone Mill. By the way, Stone Mill race report is coming out soon. I just can’t wait to post this big secret of mine. I will be running the JFK 50 miler this weekend! And I just signed up possibly to avoid going to Richmond.

So I am in between a rock and a hard place. I think I can do the JFK. I am healthy. I will finish. I am 90% confident I will be able to pull it off. Yes, I still have the Richmond problem. For now, I kick it down for couple more weeks.

I am both excited and it will be a challenge to run two 50 mile races on a back to back weekend. This race will be epic! I just don’t have the time to lay out why so. Just take my words for it. This is my first time to do an impulse race sign up. No no, my second time. I signed up last year Stone Mill at the last minute and this year I am doing it to JFK. I have gone out of mind. I need help!

Did I foresee this? Yes, totally, back in Spring, but I just did not have the gut to put them on my race schedule.

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  1. update: So, its second week in December. I ran the JFK 50, and used a portion of that race for my Richmond Marathon time (the race did not forbid double dipping – I know some purists are saying this is not how you do a virtual race). Any way, posting it here for closure. I still plan to go down to Richmond some time to run the course, but yes, I still have the problem with fitting it in my schedule. FYI, I already received the Richmond Marathon’s swags!


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