Author: Antin

  • Where to go from here

    This morning, I was out of idea to write and so I posted about my past weekend’s little adventure. But who know that by the end of the day I have such great news to share.

  • Camping

    I camped at home the past weekend. Instead of going to West Virginia, I decided to camp on the deck. I did this I think last year, when I was totally

  • Reason to be

    I am running out of topic to post. The name of my blog “In awhile” means I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Sometimes, just laziness and I guess

  • Body

    One more week before my run. I don’t have a runner body yet, but I love my body than ever before. Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror,

  • Roughing

    Why do I run? For me it is to escape. Life is rough…yesterday was rough. Today probably will be tough too. When I run, I don’t remember anything else.

  • Winter

    It has started to feel like winter here. I am thinking of skipping out on today run. I know once I get going I won’t feel cold any more. The pint

  • Rainy day

    I took shelter yesterday and workout in the gym. I didn’t run. I stepped out on to the pavement but quicky turned around. The rain

  • Alternative

    Weekend is when there are plenty of choices to choose from. This past weekend I certainly had a lot to do and didn’t get to do them all.

  • An excellent day

    An excellent day to be outdoor. I haven’t run yet. My friend whom met couple month ago through the Christian Outdoor Group, had his birthday today

  • What am I looking for

    Yesterday during lunch my boss asked me what kind of women I am looking for since I am still single. I face with this kind of questions before, and I