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  • Day456 A new year

    A new year is a new beginning. Yes Day 1. I will eventually reset my blog to Day 1 maybe some day. Actually to those who didn’t know I have done so like 5 or 6 times already — not for this blog here but on 5-6 previous journals usually after about 500 ish days, […]

  • Day446 4th Hello World

    Can’t believe once again, I reached the end of another year on WP. Yes, this is the fourth. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are somewhere. Readers can search for them. In similar vein, it is the close of my fifth year of running and beginning of the sixth. I am not always a runner before. It […]

  • day265 why I run/blog

    Let see if I could answer this in one blog post. I have been hinting here and there. First off, why do I blog? Not in any particular order, here below: 1. curiosity of WP and blogging as a whole because I never really put myself out there. I do have a Livejournal and a […]

  • day252 – coping being stay put

    Day 252 I was reading my own posts last weekend and had to use my site navigation (the theme sucks and yes I know, the navigation navigation drives me nut, and so does the infinite scrolling) because I want to discover some pattern / big picture in my life, since I was writing a summary […]