Day406 What now

Now what? I don’t know. Run some more I guess. I started running at the end of summer 2016. I always have been running since a boy, but it was all for fun. I had no real training. I just put on the pair of shoes and ran around my neighborhood. I had couple friends… Continue reading Day406 What now

keep going

Day 223 This post might be more a pile of things throw in together. After my group run last night, I was able to catch up with a group of running friends I have not seen for a while. We were excited sharing what have been happening and what our ‘running’ plan for this year.… Continue reading keep going


Sometimes I am doing a lot but getting no where. Today I feel I didn’t do anything but hopefully I got something significant resolved down the road.  I spent the day reading stuffs online.

Misc thoughts

How far can I go? And why am I running?  I am musing to myself. Now at least 50k is no longer scary. 50 miler is. That is the next monster to tackle.