Day538 10-Mile Race

I love racing.

How many times have I done this one, I have no idea. At least twice.

Back in 2017 and 2018, I ran every race that is available held by the local running store (Potomac Running).

As I took on bigger races, I mean longer distances, like 50 mile and 100 mile races, I don’t have time for the local ones. I still run them whenever I can. I sign them up on the spur moment.

Reston 10 Miler is a familiar course to me. I ran many 5Ks and 10Ks there year after years. The 10 mile course mostly was stitched together from 5K and a 10K. I recognize every turns and every hills.

Timewise, I was not impressive with my finishing time. It was not any record shattering. I was not slow. I haven’t had the heart to dig up past races to compare. I finished at 1:40. It is a 10 min pace so I should be glad, especially after running a 50K last weekend.

Yet I remember my fastest 10 miler was under 1:20. I used to be able to run at a 8 min pace. That was impressive.

Everything’s relative. I have to live with the body I have today, not the one I had a year ago or 10 years ago.

Sometimes I feel like I am in an arm race with myself. I improve my time, yet I get heavier. So I trained harder to be stronger. I do improve. Then I get a faster time again and then I get heavier. The cycle starts again. The last two years, I know I improved. Yet this time, my body has overtaken me. I gained too much weight over the pandemic. Not sure if it is something related to that or just I am just getting older.

A 60 year old man beat me innlbthis race. I recognized him from prior races. Note, because I live in Northern Virginia, people don’t make casual comments, unlike when I do races farther way. People avoid eye contact here in the big city. I have seen this guy many times in other races, but he acted he doesn’t know me and I same. Not complaining, just saying. I have been in the area for at least 20 years and that how we work. (Remember both Jeffs I met at the other races, how nice people are in the country side).

True everyone is racing against their own. But if a 60 year old man could out run a 40 year old, it means something.

On one hand, it is not hopeless for me. I could work harder to be able to run like that when I am 60.

The flip side is the dude is impressive.

As I stepped on to the course today, I was thinking what was I trying to get out of this. It is cool to set records and such. It is cool to run fast. I ran pretty fast, faster than any of my usual training runs. I usually go 15 mins or slower per mile and today I pulled a 10 min mile for whole 10 mile. I enjoyed the weather. I enjoyed the morning run. Only a race could get me up at 6 am in the morning. Normally, if left to my own device, I do not get out the house until like 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon. I am a lazy runner.

One thought I reminded myself was yes running a 50K last weekend was impressive. Today running a 10 miler was no less an accomplishment. I told myself many times, if I could run just one more race, I would be in heaven.

In this view, I should only run 5Ks or 10Ks, to save money and time because it gives the same utility, from an economic standpoint. Nah, I believe, if I have the ability to run longer distances, I should do it. This is the reason I am grateful and happy that I do have the means and the ability to do something extraordinary.

If I close out the blog here, it would be good. I have just a bit more to say. Things or an idea seems to be at the tip of my tongue but I just couldn’t bring forth. I have been searching something all weekend. It has been a recurring theme since I finished the last big race (MMT) of last year. It is related to motivation and of why I do things. I wrote a post on new year’s day about my resolutions and all.

I think, things have gotten a bit easier lately, after I ran the 100 mile. I still have tons of goals to do and some are out of this world hard, but overall, a lot of my goals, I thought was impossible are a bit easier. I mentioned about the 50 states marathon goal. If I really want to, I think I could do it in a year. Many of my goals are like that. If I really want to do it, I have now the means to do them. So they seem a bit boring. And I keep asking myself, what’s next. What is the next badass thing to do? The answer is not that I don’t know, but I am afraid to look.

This blog post like any others will be closed with a hanging. To be continue. I wish life would be simplier. I could wake up and say I would do this and that and do them. That is it for now.

One response to “Day538 10-Mile Race”

  1. Ahhh well you know how life is…

    I would say it was Covid – everyone gained weight with Covid 😄😄

    And remember there were moments none of us knew what to do but stay home and do nothing … and I think I remember you contemplating what life was worth during that time? It was just hard on everyone

    The Covid 20 lol … for 2020 🙄

    What are you eating – what is your diet Mr Runner? Are you vegan or keto? Or ???

    Like a car – the better gas you use – the better mileage and how the car runs… same with body

    Maybe is the eating habits ?

    But time does catch up to us

    And also – it’s never good to compare self to anyone else… because you are amazing as is ❤️👏

    You are driven with your races – I love your drive … is very admirable and is something you love in life

    Good for the 60 year old – he needs his heart pumpin lol

    But he is different than you, and different than me, etc etc

    You can not compare cause don’t know background

    And he seems kinda rude not to acknowledge you! But whatever

    I think you do amazing!

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