Sometimes I am doing a lot but getting no where. Today I feel I didn’t do anything but hopefully I got something significant resolved down the road.  I spent the day reading stuffs online.

I came across couple things that might affect my future races. Races schedule for this year and next year are pretty much decided. I did some digging around on future races. 

One, there is a New England challenge that will help me cross out five states (in New England, ME, VT, CT, MA, and NH) at once. They have a circuit where you run a marathon each day for a week. This is pretty nice for those who want to cross out as many states in one shot!  Only thing is their course is quite small, so you would be running somewhere between 5 to 14 laps. This would be kind of boring.

Similarly I came across a Caribbean marathon challenge/cruise that will visit 4-5 places (countries) and you would run a marathon a day at each place. Also the course is lap running. So probably not my thing. Not only that I couldn’t find results posted for the previous years.  So the event seems a bit sketchy. But I am tempted to try.

I signed up for a half marathon this September this morning. It would be a week after my 50k. I hope I could still be able to recover and run this.

I found too the Navy Half Marathon is canceled for this year due to budgetary reason. I am disappointed. So far, the Air Force Marathon is still on. I think the Marine Corp won’t get cancel. What about the Army Ten Miler?

I came across the One Day Hike event. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do it this year due to schedule conflict. The 100k seems perfect for me to try next year. It is not a running event but you know people are going to run it! I checked the first person finishing time and that looked like a running pace to me. I hope to do it. It will be held on the C and O Canal. So it would be very good for me to prepare for the 100 miler that follows. Hikers have 21 hours to finish. I looked into it last year before I even considered running a 50k, this event to me at the was like impossible to do. Now I have more confident in attempting it.

What so interesting about the one day hike is the event starts at 3 in the morning. So people meet at 2:15, which mean I have to get out my house by 1. Basically, meaning no sleep and then proceed to walk/run for whole next day.

By the way, there is a 100 mile race on the C&O. It will take place on April 27-28. I want to be a pacer. People have 30 hours to finish. I do have a race that morning. People are asking to pace between the last 30/40 miles. I would be recovering from a marathon, so not sure if it would be a wise choice to run. I would like to pace but not sure if I will be strong enough.

I want to complain about WordPress but that will be for another day.

Day 55

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