Day345 The run

Just in case some of you wonder if I finish the 100 mile run, no, I stopped after 15 hours into it. I was stuck at mile 45 for an hour and the prospect to go any further was impossible.

The blisters on my feet were getting worse. This was not from the poison ivy. Those blisters were pretty much healed. They were the new blisters formed from wearing a bad pair of shoes that I couldn’t break in.

Shoes I realized need a break in period…This pair were not that comfortable… I ran maybe 50 miles on them last week, and I thought that would do.

Why do I wear them? Inexperience. In all my 4 years of running, I never had a bad pair. I became so good with just wearing any pair that I started to buy them online. This is the first pair that I didn’t really like and racing in them were that. Every mile was uncomfortable.

I might have gotten the sizing wrong. Or it was just the wrong kind of shoes. It says neutral support for running. Normally, I need bit of arch support. These shoes are almost completely flat and hard. It was like running on a pair of wooden sandals. The shoes wouldn’t bend with me. It was driving me nut.

10:30 pm – Where I stopped to dress my feet for the hundred times (maybe the 3rd time). This is on Piedmont, couple blocks from Georgia’s Parlement house/State house whatever they call it. I was able to run a few more miles before ultimately decided to give up by midnight (I wasn’t moving fast, basically limping). The city was very quiet.

Not sure I am ready for a proper review on the run. I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I felt I got things right this time except for the shoes…I didn’t mind them, till they gave me blisters…I ran with blisters before…Any way, I will save it (like what did to fix the issue) for a full report.

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