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  • Day496 Schedule

    It’s that time again, to pick what races will I be doing for next year. Scheduling is so hard. Since when I started running, I always wish I have an event coordinator because I hate making plans. I like planning (or having one), I just don’t like choices I need to make. I usually end […]

  • Day448 Run schedule

    2022 Edition. Part of the tradition is around this time of year, I will reveal my next year race scehdule. couple weeks (Day442) ago, I already hinted/ let it known a few races I already signed up. 3 marathons I signed up were, the Newport News One City, Grandma’s in Minnesota, and Salisbury in Maryland. […]

  • Day426 go go go

    I have nothing to post, but going to post something any way because possibly this will be my last posting before a trip to the Smokies. As always what they say, man proposes and God disposes, one of the camp sites where I had a reservation got canceled due to bear activities. Scary. I might […]

  • Day416 more races

    I am biting a bit more than I can chew. I see it coming long before but I signed up more races than I can handle. Which race is it? The current one that concern me is the Richmond Marathon. I deferred it from last year because of the pandemic – later though they did […]

  • Day388 some boring stuff

    boring stuff to most but me, I checked out some spring marathons last night. Hey it is that time again where races are on sale. I would have to defer the One City. Finally there are words from them. It will be a virtual event. I am no longer enjoying running virtual marathons, so I […]

  • Day324 up ahead

    These two weeks have been a pause to life. There was nothing to do. More like nothing I want to do. After the race, all the pressure is gone. I looked back at it a bit. There is a guy who is going to attempt it in six weeks (last weekend of August). I too […]

  • Sacrifice

    Day 160 It is only a couple days into my training, and I already encountered trade-offs and sacrifices. Yesterday I went to a birthday party and with that I couldn’t made the run. I was supposed to do 8 miles but it was 9 pm by the time I was free. I could have made […]

  • A bit of house keeping

    Day 151 – Upcoming events Time flies. A bit house keeping because of everything been going on, I lost track of things regarding my race schedule and all. The August race Iron Mnt is canceled (for me only), at least I wrote to the race director asking to be withdrawn from it and to give […]

  • Last day

    Day 108 It is the last day on my training plan but no running for me today because …it is the day before my marathon. I totalled up my mileage this winter/spring training. I ran more miles than in previous trainings, just by a little, rounding up 350 miles (spread sheet says 346). Personally, I […]

  • Tough week ahead

    Look at the rest of the week and month, it seems a tough week is ahead. Weather for one but also scheduling conflict. It is hard to shift my ‘free day’ around. Last year my free days were Monday and Friday and this year I am trying to shift my rest day to Sunday and […]