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  • Day480 WEU

    TL;DR – weekend trip to a running event There’s a saying you can’t step into the same river twice. This becomes more likely as I repeat many of my past races or events. My weekend at the Worlds End Ultra (WEU) was my attempt this year to step into the same river twice (2021) and […]

  • Day404 the big one / Rocky Raccoon 100

    I really don’t know how I pulled off this one to run and finish the Rocky Raccoon 100. But yay, I did finish. It was the coolest race I did. Long but top of the line race support and community. People of Texas put up an amazing race. 1. The race is noobish friendly. I […]

  • Day357

    I did not get into Umstead. Looking for another race to attempt. I am thinking of Rocky Raccoon or C&O Canal 100. Both races have about the same difficulty. Rocky Raccoon I can register now. Registering for C&O Canal has not opened yet. C&O is near my house and easy to get crew or pacer […]

  • Old Glory Ultra prep

    Day 190 I don’t like counting my chickens before they hatch. But I am overjoyed that this weekend I will be running another ultra: Old Glory. It would be my fourth lifetime ultra. It really came at the last minute so I am scrambling to get my mind into running shape and line up my […]

  • MCM no. 44

    Day 186 race report I woke up the morning of the race at around 3 AM, having slept maybe 5 hours. Originally I set my alarm for 5 AM, but I felt I needed more time to prepare. The night before, I was too tired to pack my things after coming back from a hiking […]

  • MCM 50K

    I am doing it. Today I was able to register for the MCM 50K Ultra. They accepted 1700 runners. 

  • Change of planĀ 

    Day 82 I might have mentioned before that my friend who I go hiking with many times is planning a backpacking trip in Chile at the end of this year and I am tagging along. 

  • Race day

    The race went well. I ran the tidewater Seashore 50k Marathon in First Landing State Park (VA Beach). I didn’t have a specific time to strive for.