Change of plan 

Day 82

I might have mentioned before that my friend who I go hiking with many times is planning a backpacking trip in Chile at the end of this year and I am tagging along. 

You might think I know a lot about being out in the woods, nope, nadda, every time I go with her, it is her who bailed me out. I know how to make a fire, having done it once and how to hang a bearbag and that is pretty much it.  So I will be tagging along on trip.

There is one complication, and yes it is about my race. I plan to run the JFK 50 miler. It is also the race of the century…something like that. It will be the longest distance I am attempting. It falls at the end of November. If I run, I might not recover in time for the backpacking trip. The best hope is to have the trip right before the race and when I return do the race too! I don’t know why I want to do both of these events of the century this year.

Registration for the 50 miler race is this Friday/Thursday 12:01 a minute pass midnight. This race is expected to sell out (at least I think so).

While driving into work this morning, another possibility came to mind. I could swap out the 50 miler with a shorter one (Oklahoma Route 66 Tulsa Marathon) which also falls on the same weekend. This race doesn’t sell out that quickly :), so I will have more time to decide and use it as a backup plan.  

I could also not run at all. It would be a minor set back on my goal.

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