Day408 update

Not much to update. My daily run is a bit better. My legs no longer feel heavy. However, I am still running very slowly. It is breathing problem now. You know, when you think you are out of breath, and have to stop running. It has been hard to run fast and far again. My… Continue reading Day408 update

Day309 laying low

I have been off the radar for almost a week after finishing the GVRAT race. It is still on going but I haven’t put much effort into it. The initial goal of running 1000k is done. I could go for the 2000k or even 3000k. Any way. Last few days have been a low point… Continue reading Day309 laying low

T-36:30:01.1 (~1 day away)

Lunch! A coworker asked me what I want to eat for lunch I said spaghetti for three people and she cooked me some. Probably spaghetti is not my coworker’s