T-36:30:01.1 (~1 day away)

Lunch! A coworker asked me what I want to eat for lunch I said spaghetti for three people and she cooked me some. Probably spaghetti is not my coworker’s favorite food, but she still made them for me. Wow! Three of us got to have spaghetti for lunch. 

I started to hydrate too. I got coconut juice and a gallon jug. Not yet decided if I will mix in Gatorade powder. Gatorade is not my kind of thing.

I told them that a lot people on WP post poems and I would like to write one for my dear coworker one day but I am just not good at it. My other coworker hear this and decided to give a try and wrote one for me. So here go.


I want to thank ann 
The wonderful spaghetti 
Spicy it made me sweaty
She cooked well
I’m such a fan!

It made my lips red
Sprinkle red dots on my tie
How did i get shot, oh my
I’ll dream it
Tonight in bed

A twist and twirl
Not before long it is done
When you realize having fun
There it goes
Last red pearl 



We read it to her but she wasn’t too thrill about it. I think I’m ready for the race. 

End day 39

3 responses to “T-36:30:01.1 (~1 day away)”

  1. Suppose to but been traveling the whole day and been mostly eating junk food. I checked the turn around point where possibly can get lost. The trail is dry and firm so far. Not bad. The race director said to expect lot of rain, mud, puddles tomorrow. Race is tomorrow at 8:30.


  2. You’re loading up on carbs. Your race is tomorrow right?


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