There is a lurking fear inside that I might not able to do it. I set a goal to do a 50 miler next November. The first step of the plan is to run a 50k

this year next month. Leading up to it I have been training and completed a marathon last month. I plan to do another marathon this month. But life has been getting in the way of my training.

No excuses. I believe I recovered quite well from my last marathon. However, I did injured my ankle shortly after and had not run much the past month. Right now though just beginning training again and the next marathon is 3 weeks out. So there is the fear inside. I am wondering if I could ‘wing’ it. I probably could.

I haven’t thought much about my ultra, which is about 6 weeks away. Even if I could go out and run in three weeks, how would I able to repeat again on an even longer course? Going to wing it!

For my last marathon my family is going to go cheer me and it would be a great disappointment if I DNF (fail to finish) the race.

I have been telling myself, I did one already and there are just two more to go. Afterward I will be acknowledged as a maniac – a marathon maniac who did three marathons in 90 days!

— tonight run would be hard; rain

(End Day 6)

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