Weekend is when there are plenty of choices to choose from. This past weekend I certainly had a lot to do and didn’t get to do them all.

As usual I had my long run. I didn’t ran the whole thing. The body was tired and also because time constraint. It is easy to run without worry that I have to get back by certain time. Life got in the way of my long run this weekend. They were not bad things but that’s life.

First on Saturday I had my hike with friends. It was a choice between friends and the long run. Hiking and celebrating a friend’s birthday won out. The hike finished by two but we went out to eat and I didn’t get home until 6.

Then there was church. I didn’t have to go to all of them but Saturday Praise night took the rest of the evening (it lasted from 4-6). I missed the bulk of it and I arrived at the encore hit. I wished I had been there for the whole session. At the end there was clean up, and I tried to help with getting the sound system ready for the next day worship. After an hour, couldn’t get the thing to work, we all gave up and hope for the best and left. I don’t remember doing much for the rest of the evening. I think I crashed. My body just broke down.

Sunday was the 5k race. I woke up refreshed. Got to the course early and had my coffee etc. I did a quarter mile run to warm up. It was a chilly morning but windless. Race went well.

Was 45 min late for worship and arrived just before the sermon. I normally don’t go to the early worship on race day knowing I won’t make it on time, but if I skip out I might not go to the second service either since I hadn’t done my long run for the weekend yet.

I stayed for the after church coffee time aka sunday school. Then for the first quarter of the second service. It wasn’t my intention to go to two half services to make one full one, but my neighbor needed a ride to church so I went and picked him up and stayed for service for a bit with him. Yes, I told him he would need to find his own ride home.

I then left to do my long run. Before that I had an errand to run. I dropped off my car to get waxed and buffed. It was perfect and on the route for my long run. So after dropping off the car at Dr Wash, I told them I will be back in two hours and I took off in my shirts and sweat.

It was an much easier run than the week before. My legs were still warm from the morning race and it didn’t take much to get going. The fall afternoon sun was not hot. It was a beautiful run. I did only one lap about 13 miles. I had to pick up the car, so my run was a bit rushed. Then there was a party at 5 so I had about two hours and I didnt want to do a second half marathon in under 2 hours. I for some reason had no desire to run any more and called it a day.

The choices I made were not the best… I regretted that I didn’t complete my long run. But if I had, then I would miss out on other things in life like spending time with friends. Life is full of choices.

(End day 14)

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