Rainy day

I took shelter yesterday and workout in the gym. I didn’t run. I stepped out on to the pavement but quicky turned around. The rain

wasn’t hard and it was not cold, but since it is so close to the race day, I don’t want to jinx it of pulling anything when running in less than ideal condition. It is less than two weeks to go until race day.

The race time will be 8:30 in the morning. I need to get out there and do more morning runs. I have a short 4 mile race on Thanksgiving and then the real one. I can’t decide at the moment to slow down or to keep up the intensity, since I will have another big race in a month. I feel I am more ready for the race now than two weeks ago. I don’t have to wing it!

JFK race is this coming weekend. Race is still open for registration 67 spots left. I am tempted to sign up.

I learned some background history of why it is named JFK. It has its root going back to Teddy Roosevelt. JFK wanted to promote fitness in America. The race also was a memorial for JFK. How it got connected to Teddy Roosevelt is Roosevelt set a criteria that his military officers should be able to do 50 miles in 20 hours. JFK took that idea.

(End Day 15)

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