It has started to feel like winter here. I am thinking of skipping out on today run. I know once I get going I won’t feel cold any more. The pint

is to get going. It is freezing outside. It will get colder still. This is just the beginning of winter. I’m lucky that I have people to run with on Tuesday and Thursday. It gives that extra push. Since there are people running outside, I might as well as get myself out there.

Today though I think I will sit out. While going down the stairs this morning, my right shin didn’t feel so good. It is not a shin splints, but there is sharp pain when I press down my big toe. I think I need a day to rest. I might have run a bit too hard last night.

I should get myself use to the cold. I have been doing mostly evening runs, when it is much warmer than the early morning runs. I need to get myself doing morning runs, because my race will be in the morning.

10 more days till race day. I think I’m more ready than before. I don’t think I’m 100 percent but I’m happy given the condition. I think and am confident to complete it. The scary part about running a long distance is the doubt about whether you could do it. Now after running 5 of these, and at the current level of running, you kind of know. There is no more the mystery of how long a 26.2 miles is supposed to be. There is still that joy though. I will anticipate every turn and every mile of the course.

That reminds me, I got to review the course. It will be an out and back. 13.1 going out. Out and back course is kind of need because on the way back, I always feel I could run a bit faster since I ‘know’ what the course is like and I could push myself a bit more.

(End Day 16)

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