Why do I run? For me it is to escape. Life is rough…yesterday was rough. Today probably will be tough too. When I run, I don’t remember anything else.

I leave behind the worries, the heartache and the insolvable problems. Only thing I know when I am on the pavement is my breathing, my strides, and the emptiness. I call that peace.

I first started running two years ago, because my girlfriend told me about a 10k. I wasn’t running back then, but I had been going to the gym with her, doing the same thing whatever she was doing. I was her workout partner.

I took the 10k challenge without even researching how long a 10k was going to be and had no training plan. I got on the course and was smoked by her the first mile. I had no idea about pacing and started with the elite runners who were probably putting in 5min or 6 min pace. In no time I was out of breath and the end was nowhere in sight. She might have coach me saying watch my pace etc, I didn’t keep any those stuff in heart, but the only goal was to kept up with her.

I finished that race and looking back it wasn’t too bad. My first PR. I did many races since.

I got into long distance running, with similar motivation. It was because she told me that she signed up a local marathon. But the decision that got me to sign up my first marathon was one day when I didn’t feel good inside and a lot was going on in life at the time (I got into a car accident), so I put on my pair of shoes that day and decided to run and not stopped. I chose the longest distance in my mind at the time, and I didn’t know the actual measurements but only that it was far away. I chose to run to my mom’s place, which takes about 10-15 mins driving. I ran and ran and didn’t get tired (I did but hey). So while running I said I should sign up for a marathon. I didn’t know then that the distance I did was only 4 miles and a marathon was 26.2 miles, and 4 miles is even less than 10k (6 miles).

I was very foolish at the time but hey. Later when I got home, I did research on marathon etc. I got into training for it. The rest was history. I didn’t give up. I PR the first marathon, a time that is still very hard for me to beat even after two years.

So when life is bad, I like to just take it outside and run. Afterward I feel much better.

My post today is inspired by jengoesplaces of her reasons of “why is there a wellness section in my blog?”.

(End day 17)

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