I have survived a month of blogging. I have a nightmarish personal life apart from my hobby. I work a nine to five job and that the only reason for me being there is it provides me the fund to do 5-9 thing (after hour running). I guess that is why we have a life outside of work. Every day, I wonder how long I can put up with this.

Due to my future career path and job security, I won’t say much about my job. I should say I love my job!!!

My blog has been dominated with running. Out of thirty plus posts, I had wrote 20 plus on running, that is like 2/3 of the entries. I did a marathon last month (NCR Trail) and will do one again this month in about a week from now. I wrote about my training up to it as well my recovery. I wrote about my goal of running more races.  Thank you for all of you for putting up with this crap.

I wonder myself too do I have other thing I like to do other than running. I repeat myself a lot. Maybe because I am forgetful.

I shared about my bucket list. I don’t know how many of these I will be able to do. You know there is the famous Make A Wish Foundation that grant kids with terminal illness one wish of their.  I have been thinking, if there is one thing I got to do in my life time, what would that be?  I am quite lucky already that I have been working on my Bucket list and got some of them already, but we always want more!

We know we have very limited time. For me for instance, for physical activities, the best time to do them is right now where I am between 35-45. It is during this time, I have the most resources available to do them. If I set a major goal that take three to five years to do, I see I can only do about 2 or 3. That is pretty much my life.

I know the ethos of public service. Serve your country etc. I think this is lost to my generation. We all seek thrill and the next best thing to do. T T.

In term of running, say running a marathon in each state, I know I won’t be able to finish this within the next 10 years.

There you have it.

Day 33 end.

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