About 3 days to go. Race day is Saturday Morning. I am about to go into the final count down mode (T-minus 59:00:00).  It will come by fast.

By end of tomorrow, I will pack. Shake down. What clothes to were, what shoes to bring. Making lists. What food to eat. Need to drink a lot on Friday. Going to check the course. Need to study my time from my last race and overlay it for this race. Need to know approximately at the time and location base on my pace.

Once Friday arrive it is action time. The place is about 4-5 hours away. I plan to get to the course to check out the trail, to find out the direction, check the trail condition. The biggest concern I have is will it be muddy and how muddy? I think it will.  The weather is forecasting rain and windy.  Wind-chill will be around 32F/0C. I will know how much precipitation by Friday. It will rain whole weekend, even on Friday. The trail will be saturated.

The course will be marked but we are responsible for direction. I am not good with this, so I need to pay better attention about when to turn. I am trying to commit the map to memory now.

I already checked the places if I have dropped out the race where I should go. There are three places to drop out, the start and finish line, the middle and the turn around point.  Each is about 5 miles apart. So it is not too bad. At most, I would have to walk about an hour (less than 5k).

Today I am having some pain on my left foot. Weird kind of pain. It is the kind like having ice pressed against it. It is a cold kind of pain that comes and goes. Phantom pain. I told myself I am over-thinking about it. I am nervous. I am afraid that it might be a forboding that this race will not be going well. I could deal with rain and bad condition but if my body fails me, what can I do? Hopefully it my nervousness and not real medical condition.

This is the race that will be longest distance I ever run. It is also my first trail race. 

Let the count down begin.

(End day 37)

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