No change. I woke up. There certainly some pain on my left foot and I don’t think it is cold feet. I think I can still run my race. I have to run. Tonight is my last run before the race. 

I start to pay very detailed attention to my body. Apparently I have a pimple on my nose bridge where my glasses are resting and it has been hurting until last night when I tried to find out why by taking off my glasses. Bummer. But this won’t stop me from running. I might have to run without my glasses on if it hurts too much. Hopefully it will clear up by race time.

Racing got me excited. No matter how many I have done, it is still like my first time. I don’t know when I will have the calm. I would like to have a calm before the storm. 

Today will be my last day of work. It won’t be easy. I still have a lot to do before taking tomorrow off, otherwise I will suffer on Monday when I return and/or my partner/coworker will suffer. She will put up with the work I give her but that is not very nice thing to do. She can only do so much to cover for me. I hope I will be able to get off work on time. I hope there won’t be some last minute urgent thing that I need to do.

I am very organized when I want to. Like with running I don’t take chances. I do well with preparation. I am preparing weeks and months in advance and when it come to the day of, it is a performance! It will go down according to script (except for my last race NCR Marathon). Well there won’t be any midnight movie or sleeping at 2 in the morning this time.

I told my coworker, even if the sky should fall this race is on. I’m going it.

I don’t listen to music while I run but if I have to make a playlist, I would choose:

“Summer of 69” – either play it at the begining or at the end

Irene Cara – “Flashdance – what a feeling” – somewhere in the middle when I’m tired

So long. I don’t know how many more postings I will make before the race. My heart is thumping and can’t wait.

Day end 38.

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