Looking ahead 2019-2020

I am picking races to do for next couple years. I want to join the 50-50 club, that is to run all fifty states by the time I reach 50 years old, a goal I picked up from someone. I have done 3 states already, 47 more to go. On average, I should do 4 states a year to reach my goal. For next year, I have Washington that I signed up already. The following year 2020, I am planning to do: South Carolina (March), Maine (June), Ohio (Sept), Michigan/West Virginia (Oct), and Okahoma (Nov). I might add one more for December (Hawaii). The reason I need to pick them ahead of time is to avoid being crowded out on the popular races. I plan to sign up the moment the registration opens.

My international debut is in the work too, but most likely will have to wait until 2021. There are several countries I am considering, Inca Trail, Ireland, or Sydney and maybe India too. The Inca Trail is the hardest, so that probably my first destination.

I have five marathon races next year. It is one more than this year! April is my first one. Then July, August, October, and November. August and November races are not available for me to register yet, but the other ones are definite.

It’s still holiday season, so I haven’t really been running. I will soon. I thought I have maybe a few weeks before officially start working on my next marathon. One thing I was so happy the past weekend was – no more doing long run!!

I have not decided if I should pursuit a 100 miler the following year (2020). That is something for next year to decide after I finish the 50 miler first. 2020 is probably be my off year and I will do Blackbeard Revenge 100 in 2021.

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  1. That’s an amazing goal, best of luck with it.


  2. Wow, will cheer for you! I hope one day I can run in London too. I hope to run at least a marathon length of 42km in every state (it is quite a popular goal here in the US), though in some states it might be an ultra.

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  3. Wow that’s a cool goal! When you say run is that a marathon in every state or what kind of distance are you planning? I am doing my first international run in 2019, a half in London in March. The last weekend before Brexit!! If I can still run of course. Christmas eating and drinking not doing me any favours

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  4. Thanks for reading. Good job on the Half! 🙂


  5. Running My Best Life Avatar
    Running My Best Life

    This is awesome! I completed my first half marathon this year, and I think I’m hooked! Next year I have 3 half marathons in the books. After that, I’m thinking about doing one in each state 🙂 https://runningmybestlife.com/first-half-marathon-race-day/

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  6. I have my first 50 miler this year as well! I’ll be blogging all about it if you decide to do as well and have pointers. I’m a little afraid 🙂 LOL! Happy holidays!

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  7. I look forward to read about your experience. Ya, mine is a year away, so should be amble time to get ready.

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