First day of the new year

I was blessed to run in a race on the first day of the new year. I signed up for a free 5k race hosted by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. It was a high quality race even though it was free. We got a free technical T-shirt and finisher medal. The race was timed. The course was new to me. A lot of people showed up. The whole city showed up…I think at least couple thousands. 

I was lucky to run it because a day before or night before I could hardly walk. I went on a 18 mile hike and finished it in 5 and half hours. It was one of the fastest time we ever did. At the end of the hike I took a tumble. I was bruised up, but was OK, nothing broken. I got some skin abrasion on my hands other than that was OK.  However couple hours later, I found I had trouble walking. My right leg would not lift. I could go up the stairs with my right leg. It didn’t have the power to push off. I was sored all over. I think I pull something in my right hip. I don’t think the fall injured it because I have been having trouble with my right hip after my last marathon. I think the fall only made it visible.

It was new year Eve and there was no way I would stay at home and rest. I went to a party at my cousin’s house till 3am but didn’t really plugged in and I felt asleep not long after on the sofa. My body was not able to stay up. By morning, my condition improved. I was not sure if I could still run. I felt walking should be alright. I went to the course anyway. My friends and family tried to dissuade me to from going the event, but I am a bone head. I never really back down from a race.

I got to the starting line and did about an hour of warm up of moving around. I lined up with the walkers, people who were walking it.  By the time the race started, there was no way I was going to walk it. I did some jogging in place and off I went. I told myself if at any time, I don’t feel well I could stop. The course was in the city and it was easy to get back to the starting line if I had to. I ran the whole way. I think my time was at least 26 minutes or under. I was pleased with it. I am still trying to find where they posted the results.

The pain and the discomfort went away during the race. I was running with my usual gait. After the race, the sore came back but not as bad as before. Now there is still some soreness. At least now I could walk and get up and down the stairs. I will be resting today.

Day 53

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