Tough week ahead

Look at the rest of the week and month, it seems a tough week is ahead. Weather for one but also scheduling conflict. It is hard to shift my ‘free day’ around. Last year my free days were Monday and Friday and this year I am trying to shift my rest day to Sunday and Wednesday to be inline with church events. It hasn’t worked out too well.

Yesterday, I didn’t run. I had an event at night, attending a photography talk at a local library (I’m not into photography but I love looking at photos). It was given by a dear friend who taught me much about running!

But because I didn’t eat enough ahead of the talk, I had no will power to run after the meeting. I went to get food and by the time I was done, I felt asleep not long after. Excuses, I know. I thought I would make it up in the morning.

I overslept on my morning run. So got to put some in tonight. Given this is supposed to be my first week of training, I already had two rest days but only one run, I can’t skip tonight run.

The weather for tomorrow and the next couple days are supposed to be nasty. There are rumors of a polar vortex coming. I don’t like cold and  with rain that will be turning to sleet/snow would be messy for the afternoon commute. I think this Friday I scheduled a movie night. So I am looking at 4 or more days straight of not running. Not looking good for my first week of training. (4 rest days / 1 run).  So I got to push myself out to run tonight even if it is 20 degrees (-4C?) outside, though it is supposed to be a ‘free’ night.

A camping trip is planned for early next month. A hike at the end of this month. I don’t like it but got to take those trips early before my training build up.

 51 days left to my possibly first marathon this year.  I haven’t signed up yet. I signed up for a half but thinking to switch it to a full marathon because someone told me he did a full to train up for the race I’ll be doing in April since it will be a very tough race. I want to do the same!

Day 63

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