Last night was much warmer than I anticipated. Maybe I was overdressed again. I had expected howling wind and subarctic temperature, but instead it was balmy and calm fall weather. I still layered up like on Monday night. I didn’t need my jacket. This time I had my micro spikes on and I felt so good of crushing those ice and snows beneath my feet. I still waked though because icy snow piles were uneven to run on. Th temperature was warmer than Monday. I think it was +4C instead of -4.  Might have been even warmer than that. 

I ran around my neighborhood. I think the moon was out. I didn’t look for it but the sky was bright. I think it was cloudy. No one was around but still a lot of cars on the road. I felt safe. I did about two hours. I wanted to do a 10 miles loop but ended up doing and  a 6-8 out and back.  My hiking buddy would tease me about about not being able to mentally tell how far I traveled without using my Garmin. I am getting better at it but not there yet.  

I was very tired not from the run but from sleep deprivation, so I soon felt asleep after getting back. I had 5 hours I think. I will try to catch some more on the Metro.  It was one of few times I’d run so late at night (I did it after church).

Hope to run again tonight. I brought my spikes with me for the nasty weather ahead for this afternoon. Hope to put in a few more miles for the week. 

Day 64

PS. Snow started as I left work. 

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