Random thoughts thursday

Day 112
No complaint. It has been relatively peaceful on all fronts. It means I should be writing more. I haven’t been good with my time management this week and spent way too much time on the phone and my sleep suffered. Still, I have been getting to work an hour early.

I am still recovering from my marathon. Every time I went out to run thinking I am all good, but as I started running, I realized it took twice the effort and I was only able to get half the speed. I have been racing with this dude on my run and I been losing to him every time now after the marathon. There was no contest. He beat me by a wide margin. There were days I can’t even keep up with him on a slow run. We used to be able to run neck to neck before my marathon.

I know I should take it easy and not to rush my recovery.

I still haven’t put together my training schedule. Someone suggested just do a long and two short runs. I had a 13 miles last week long run. So either this weekend, I need to put in a long or the following weekend I need a 20+ miles long. I don’t think I can put a 20 miler this weekend.

What plan do I have for this weekend?There a prayer meeting tomorrow and I will be there with my friend K. We will pray till midnight or whenever one of us tap out. I have been going to bed pretty late but I think I may be the one going to tap out first.

Then on Saturday, I am going on a hike. It will be easy though 5-6 miles. My friend told me lot of people will be there. Normally, it would be just me and her. We are bringing a lot of our ‘don’t hike’ friends to expose them to hiking. They all sounded upbeat and want to do it with us.

I think we will be back by evening. Sunday then would be the usual Sunday. I have a lot of up keeping to do, but probably I will slack off and go out and run most of the day.

Yesterday, while had some time on my hand , I ran through a wood in my neighborhood. It was so thrilling. I have been through the park several times but yesterday night I discovered a hidden trail and it is a dirt path, so I followed it. I was hopping through fallen trees and mud. I had on my nice running road shoes and was kind of upset they got mud on them. The fun part was I was not sure where the path leads. It was very secluded but I can see the path was well traveled.

I hope to do some more of that. I planned a trip today to go to a national park and run (The Wild Oak Loop) at North River Gap, Mt Solons, VA. I will write on it once I have done it.

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