Race plan, and last night run

Day 159

The people I run with are organizing to go to Boulder, CO next May to run a 10K. I haven’t signed up yet but gave my word that I will go. We will all going to stay at a house together. I have never done something like this and always been wanting to do it like a Ragnar race but couldn’t find enough people to do it. I think we will have a fun weekend with all my running buddies together plus some new friends. I know about ten people, there will be many more going come later. We already are in the process of booking a room. It will cost me a fortune. Before this I only plan on travel for marathons. Traveling far for a 10K seems a bit excessive. However, this is a group thing, so there is an exception.

As for my 2nd week training, I took the Monday off but my shin still hasn’t healed and my left shin is starting to hurt. Yesterday my club run was canceled due to weather. I ran 8 miles by myself. I ran fast too because I was angry at something my best friend told me and I felt powerless to help. Anger really got me worked up. That might have caused the left shin to hurt too. Now I have shin splint on both legs.

I started taking fish oil and omega3 supplement on top of one a day multi-vitamin. Let see what they will do to me. Not sure if I need them, but just in case.

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