weekend plan

Day 230 / Long hilly run tomorrow

If you don’t succeed the first time, try again. So this weekend I am heading back out to Ashby Hollow.

Last time I started about 7 miles north at Snicker’s Gap and ran to Ashby Hollow before turning around. I was planning to run the whole thing, but I started out a bit too late and I was a bit unmotivated…also the body just didn’t feel in the running condition. I ran but it wasn’t the good vibe.

This time I will start at Ashby Hollow and run south maybe 7 miles before heading back and if time allows I will run north for few miles (around 5). It should give me 20+ miles day.

Good weather is expected.

2 responses to “weekend plan”

  1. finished it and beated up. Hiked-ran the whole thing. total 20 miles in 7:16 (h:m). nearly 6k ft of elevation (change?). My goal is to get this down in doing it in 5-6 hours. But in June, I will have to do 3.5 times this distance (70.5 miles) within 22 hours for a race. so curently it is unimaginably difficult to go out and do 2 more of this 20 mile loops plus another 10 miles loop at the end. was a nice training though.


  2. couldn’t get out the door early enough, so will revert to previous route. Buzzard Hill to Asbhy Hollow, about 14 mile round trip. Hopefully will run faster this time


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