day264 week summary

It’s Week 13 or something. About 7 more weeks left before my race if there is one. Total is around 25-30 miles something. It is much much less than I want, but what do I do? I am sorely distracted by the coronavirus as you can tell from my previous posts. Monday – 4. I… Continue reading day264 week summary

weekend plan

Day 230 / Long hilly run tomorrow If you don’t succeed the first time, try again. So this weekend I am heading back out to Ashby Hollow. Last time I started about 7 miles north at Snicker’s Gap and ran to Ashby Hollow before turning around. I was planning to run the whole thing, but… Continue reading weekend plan

Long run

Day 161 I did it! I ran my long run on Friday. My long run was supposed to be tomorrow but there are just too much going on during the weekend and the risk was high I might not be able to pull off a long run at all. Long run is usually my hardest… Continue reading Long run

Leesburg 20k

Day 157 I finished today run with ease. It was a race so that helped. I ran faster than normal training run. Twice as fast. I was not trying to win any medal though. I finished last in my age group. I was ahead of my expected time however. That is a win for me.… Continue reading Leesburg 20k


Day 111 I woke up early and got to church for the morning Easter worship. We were told to come early, lest there won’t be parking spots available at the layer service. Normally, I attended the night worship, but today there was neither Sunday School (they called it Adult Bible Fellowship) nor night worship. I… Continue reading Easter