day258 – week summary

Is it week 10 or 11 of my training? I lost track. Usually by the 10th week, everything fall apart. This time is no different.

I wrote this entry last week but lost it as I was about to publish and now finally found it again. How do you lose an entry? Ask WP. At that time, I didn’t know how, but now I found it was in the webpage folder instead of the blog post folder. So weird, you can’t move a post from one folder to the next. Does that make sense?

Bear with me if it seems to be the same stuff I wrote last week. I have short term memory.

total mile: 26

Monday/Tuesday rest: 0

Wednesday: 0

Thursday: forgotten. probably 0

Friday: 0

Saturday: 26


It has been another crazy week. This week was worse than the last. I had ton of time, yet very little running done because of the coronavirus.

Now I don’t have a 3 hour commute (roundtrip) every day. It is almost a vacation I always dream about. Every day is a Saturday. Almost. Yet, the reality of being stuck at home is no fun. I didn’t get to do what I need/want to do. No one to blame but me, for being too obssessed with the news.

For running, I am doing the same route. There are tons of neighborhoods I can run to, but I have been sticking to running the boring same route of back and forth in front of my house.

By the way, our county finally closed all the public parks. We haven’t done so at the national level yet. It is getting there. They closed the parks for cars. There are parks I can still run to without driving there. Our quarantine enforcement in our area has no bite. There is no street closure. We do it in some places, but the idea is not to limit movement, but prevent people from congregate at a location. No one is being pull over by the police for violating the ‘essential’ travel only. That bother me when I look out at the street and see so many cars. Basically people still can go where ever and do whatever they want. That should be good for me, right?

Along with everyone, I just can’t wait to have it over with. On one hand, it seems impossible to get everyone following the quarantine order. The other hand, we have shutdown the city like never before. However, there are too many people deem themselves essential. It is a disease we don’t see affecting us immediately due to the long incubation period and the infected can be without any symptoms but still can spread to others, which many didn’t realize. It might bite them two or three weeks from now. We are not fighting today battle. What we do now affect in 2-3 weeks time.

So it’s supposed to last 2-3 more weeks according to the New York governor before it gets better. New York is taking the lead and all eyes are on them. Our area is now maybe a month behind them (4000 cases, to theirs 130000). NY seems to slowing their curve today. Our area is slowing a bit too, it is no longer doubling at every 4-5 days as before or even freaking every 3 days sometimes, so that is some good news, but it is too early to tell.

The cost of the policy to shutdown the state/country is huge. There is also a cost if we do nothing. Some states still do not have a stay-at-home policy due to the low count of infections in their states. There are some who question if it worth it. Mayor of New York, said yes. For each life saved is worth the economic cost.

There are some good news that a cure or vaccine might be possible. Hopefully, everything will be over when the summer comes around. Hopefully not too long, so we can all get back to work.

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  1. Hahaha yeah that’s true – everyone is essential … others are not chopped liver lol – it is bothersome in that way.

    Just meant by “essential to survive”… absolutely needed, can’t shut down

    It is probably safer at that hour to go the route you know… well when you had to run before all this happened did you run at night too? Or is your routine just off because of this?

    What if you ran before or right after dinner?

    Would setting a running routine help? Do more days at a specific time – give yourself a schedule? If it was light out, you could maybe try other routes?

    We don’t have much else to do so that might help… a schedule or routine might make you feel better too??

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  2. The word essential bothers me too – we are all important to our city one way or other :). me, just being lazy. Every time, when I feel like running it is 10 pm outside, so I go with my familiar/usual route.

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  3. I forget what day it is ALOT 🤨😄 what day is it? What month are we in? Lol

    It’s like life slammed on the breaks and we all crashed through the windshield lol

    There are many many who are essential and will keep this going… what can we do though? We need food – so you need grocery stores… we still need fire, police and ambulance… we do still need gas for those essential workers…

    I am essential at funeral home – I don’t see anyone – I am locked away in building by myself. But I answer calls to have bodies picked up. (Sorry I know it’s morbid is my job) … I don’t just do COVID-19 bodies – but also normal regular deaths unrelated … you can’t just have no one coming to remove them.

    Anyway… yes there are many still out there. It’s hard cause we need things – so how do you just shut everyone down ??

    For the most part those who are not essential have been staying home here… once we got over the shock and disbelief lol… and then the boredom of not having our normal lives … the freedoms we TOTALLY took for granted!!! But people are better with it here now!!

    We are now in a zone of people being suspicious of everyone else getting them sick.

    It’s still hard – but is where we are right now… if we can just get it to stop infecting we be ok… I definitely don’t want to catch it… mild or not.

    It’s is hard to be motivated when everyday is like the one before lol … Oh my god! I have to search for things to do and then I get antsy! And then I only watch the news when Trump gives press conference otherwise I stay away.

    Been doing walks, doing things I need to, watching movies … doing WP lol … and I also don’t understand when it glitches and does stupid things – like hide posts or comments lol

    But whatever ✌️ it’s down time to umm just smell the roses 🌹

    What if you took a different neighborhood route? Change it up?

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