Day327 MCM canceled

It is official. There won’t be a Marine Corps Marathon this year.

Not disappointed at all since this has been the pattern of last four months. Kind of expecting it because MCM is a big event and there is no way to host any race over 500 people people in this period much less the MCM usually draws over 30,000 just runners alone, not counting volunteers, law enforcement officers, street performers, vendors, and spectators. You are probably looking at a crowd twice to three times that size.

I still have couple more fixed (known) races, like the Richmond Marathon, Grayson highlands, Laurel Ultra, Highbridge Ultra. All those are really iffy now whether they will be held. All these have smaller crowd maybe 100-150 people except for the Richmond Marathon. Highbridge probably has even less (50 runners?) but Richmond likely is going be canceled (It has several thousand people).

Other than this I was kind of optimistic on Old Glory (November) and another ultra – something Lake. I have not signed up but waiting till the last possible minute so as not to be disappointed.

Just the other night, I was debating whether to run the JFK again, they accept 1200 runners! It is a big race, and I decided to sit it out this year. JFK is also very expensive ($300) and I didn’t want to sign up and get the email later saying it will not be taking place.

I have high hope for a Fat Ass run (Philadelphia). I didn’t get to do it last year due to my trip to Chile, so I will try not to miss it this year.

2 responses to “Day327 MCM canceled”

  1. Yes, I learned of this tradition last year. They call it a fat ass run, meaning it is not a race but more a social(-distance) get together run. There would not be a sign-up or food. Runners would be responsible for their themselves. Sometimes they do this for a real race though to get around the Park Service requirements of running on federal/state land.

    I want to do the Rocky training run (the movie). I read runners showed up dressing up as Rocky.


  2. There is a run that is called “fat ass run”? Lol that’s hilarious!

    It doesn’t surprise me they keep being cancelled either. Better safe than sorry.

    You stay safe please 🙏✌️


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