I did not get into Umstead. Looking for another race to attempt.

I am thinking of Rocky Raccoon or C&O Canal 100. Both races have about the same difficulty. Rocky Raccoon I can register now. Registering for C&O Canal has not opened yet.

C&O is near my house and easy to get crew or pacer support. Rocky is in Texas and hours away from the nearest airport! I have not traveled that far for a big race. Yes for Marathons but this is more than a marathon.

A quiet weekend this week. Woke up late typically. Want to train but many things needed my attention. Feeling guilty if I go out and run the whole weekend. Nice fall weather though. Maybe will go and run.

2 responses to “Day357”

  1. Yes I knew. But sometimes when you feel really lucky and you feel a miracle might happen. During my run, I had a panic moment that the Rocky Raccoon race would be sold out (340 registered, so there were about 10 spots left) and there were probably a bunch of people like me who did not get into Umstead and might decide to switch to the Rocky Raccoon. I ran home as fast as I could and immediately registered. It was too risky to wait out for C&O, since that race is very popular here. I am going to Texas!


  2. Well you knew Umstead would be difficult to get into…

    I think that C&O one sounds great and easier than the Texas one!!

    We still summer-like sort of… not blazing heat, but no chill just yet… everyone here is ready for fall!!


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