Day431 killing time

I haven’t had much time this week because I have been running as much as I could. The cure for burn out is more running! I was very happy to run till I drop. Not the healthest way to train but it satisfied that craving for more running.

I aimed to run at least 100 miles a week. It is a bit much from my usual of 50-60 miles. Any sane person out there wouldn’t attempt this.

I feel like I can do it. It is just for a month. I am doing this virtual race across Tennessee and I need about 400 miles to finish it. 100 miles a week for 4 weeks.

The week result has been good. I haven’t slacked off. I did about 10 miles a day during the week and on the weekend I would do 25 miles a day. So every night I walk or run for 3 hours. Weekend would be the entire day spent on running.

On other news, I signed up for the Devil Dog Ultra. I am excited. Last year I did their lite version (50K), so this year, I will be running the 100K. Next year probably the 100M

This weekend, I went down to near Damascus (Mt Rogers area) to do a training run for the Iron Mountain trail run. My day was great. I ran with some fast people and we hung out with the race director and his wife afterward. The most happy reason of all was I could put in some long run. The trip costed me a lot of money. On the next training run, I have to think of a cheaper alternative.

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  1. haha way to remember about it



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  3. You sound insane to me… I’ve never liked running. But I’m happy for you!! Such amazing goals!!

    Waaay back in my super-fit days (32yrs ago), my gym launched a 10,000k rowing machine contest. Results were posted on the wall each night. Some guy and I got into direct competition. I won in 4 nights… complete with bloody butt burns. But hell if I was gonna take 2nd!!!

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