Day457.9 WTF again

Got to share…and can’t wait till next week or the next day. I just got accepted into the WTF race (waterfall 50K, waterfall is the nickname I think). The race is next weekend.

Telling you guys, this race is old school. They don’t let you know until almost the day of. But it is free! Nothing beat a free ultra. You just got to be ready to run in any condition and at any time…

Zippy! lets go…I did some training in the snow and ice today because we had a snow storm of the century the past week.

I think I am ready to run up and down the 1000 ft frozen waterfall. I was there exactly a year ago when the race was canceled and treaded through ice and freezing river – A scary race. Icy and slippery rocks is no fun. frostbite and wet feet is real…ah let not think about it or else I might back out.

One response to “Day457.9 WTF again”

  1. Wow so cool – good luck and can’t wait to see a report of this race as it sounds like a proper adventure


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