Day537 random talks

Nothing big happened this week following the Cowtown Marathon.

I am a bit bored as usual and feeling a bit unproductive and negative.

My legs are still sore even a week after. I have not run much to save them. I did try running 7 miles on Thursday. It got the blood flowing. Theorectically, I should be good to run again.

I spent some time to update my race schedule. Everything seems pretty good. Most decisions and races are set and good to go. There were no major changes to them. It was more like me polishing them.

I did sign up a couple “small” races. This Sunday, I will run the Reston 10 miler. It is a local race. I did this one once or twice before. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I ran it. It might have been 2018. Ancient history.

Second race I signed up was Lake Ridge (Lake Claytor) 12-hr run. I ran this the last two years and enjoyed the low – layback vibe of the race. Usually it is about dozen or so runners, and we meet at the lake and run until we drop dead and then run some more. This year will be in May, the week before my MMT – run of doom 100. heehee. Good day to chill before doing a 100 mile.

The third race is Eastern Divide 50k. This was pretty much the ultra that got me into trail running in 2019. I have meant to go back to run it again. It was an ultra that beat my butt, finished in 7 hours and I thought that was hard. Now a day a 7 hour run is pretty tame. This race is beautiful point to point run. You climbed up the side of the waterfall ran through some country roads, and then through a field with an overlook. Boy, I ran this in the summer and it was hot. I remembered eating watermellon with salt at an aid station. I would love to relive that again. This year, the race will be in the fall, in November. It will be a bit different. I look forward to it nonetheless.

I reviewed some of the conflicts in the schedule. Nothing much can be done. I can’t be in two places at once unless I have a clone or two. Some races would have to be deferred to next year.

Now I want to run Stone Mill again. The race registration will not be open until May 15. Stone Mill though is in conflict with the Richmond Marathon. Also there is a race in Georgia also on that weekend. I am also eyeing Philadelphia Marathon, and it conflicts with Route 66 Marathon. All these would have to be sorted out later. So I would have pick one or the other. I also received an email informing me the race for the ALQ 50k registration will be open on April 22. The RD wrote that last year, it sold out after 45 minutes.


I am happy even getting one race done this year. Here I am juggling with a dozen of races.

There are two decisions I am afraid to face. One is April 29. It’s the GSER 100k. I know I can do it. I know my mission/vision is to be bold and not turn down a race. Yet I feel I have turn this race down this year. Because the following week, I will be running the Toronto Marathon, and I want to do well in that because it will be my international debut. My family is accompanied me on that trip. I don’t want to disappoint them with an average finishing time.

The second decision is Lake Tahoe Marathon series. To run three marathons and a 70 mile race around Lake Tahoe. I want to do it. Yet this one actually puts some fear in me. Can I do it? I will have Grindstone 100 in Sept. Lake Tahoe is in October. I think I should be recovered by then. Yet, there is the sense of fear in me. If Lake Tahoe is the only race I will be doing, I would do it. I have other races lined up already. I felt I won’t be able to give it the due respect. According to my mission statement, I should do it. Fear is good.

Coming back from Fort Worth Marathon, you know I met some people who share my passion. One of the pacers I was with, discovered marathons couple years ago. While running with him, he was so full of energy and that child like eagerness. You know what make a runner happy is asking the person what one race you like the most. I could go on and on. We went on for too long even other runners around us got annoyed. Yes, please don’t ask me about my races.

Anyway, I am thankful I got to run some really cool race. Not sure what I will do this weekend. I will write more when I am ready.

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