Tag: reflection

  • Day450 R-21.11 review

    It’s day 450, by design I have to be introspective. Last review Day400, was at the beginning of the year. I already wrote all I did couple weeks (hello4) ago of all the cool races I ran this year, so I won’t repeat. Two 100 mile races, Rocky Raccoon and Rim to River, bookended the […]

  • Day417 time pause

    I read a good blog the other day from Isaac Takes a Hike, about his Badger Mountain 100. He shared of the time during the race when he came into an aid station and he was not feeling well at least well enough to continue. He determined not to leave the aid station until he […]

  • Day385

    closure maybe. Being alive meaning having ambition and drive. I can do this and that. I have a trip this weekend and a race next week. I also have work to do before I leave. Work work. Company stuff. My mind immediately returned to reality after the burial of my grandmother. I took the day […]

  • Day371 – 2nd anniversary

    It should be my 2nd anniversary here on WordPress or the first day into my 3rd year of blogging. No special fan service today…other than Thank you fans always for your continue supports! I remembered in the early days it used to a delight every night as I finished my run and I rushed on […]

  • Day346 back to normal

    It felt weird, now things are back to normal. Couple days ago, I was in Atlanta doing this run. It was not really my life goal. Yet I poured in energy and time for whole summer. It could have been the capstone for this summer. I don’t know what to think of it but to […]

  • Some math

    Day 202 I struggled with this of not having a purpose at the end of every running season. The things I do: I work. I run. and I relax. Work is pretty much an auto-drive. I don’t write much about it. I go in, work, and I get paid. It generates revenue for me to […]

  • November, bye bye

    Day 201 Last day of the month. I had nothing to do today. It has been quiet in my life. No trip no run. I have spent my day reading on my own journals! I reread my last race report at least 4 times. I have been reading other people reports too. I love it. […]

  • still on high

    Day 187 I still have the feeling of that was the best marathon I ran. MCM was really a pick me up marathon for me. I really needed that. I had a period of not finding the joy in running. I signed up Baltimore Marathon and it was kind of bringing me back to running. […]

  • Reread

    Day 139 I reread a blog post I wrote a few days back about why I run. At that time I thought my running career would go on indefinitely. I was young and there doesn’t seem to be why I couldn’t run except for lack of interest. Now looking back I spoke too soon. I […]

  • Thanks

    I was so focused on my race this past holiday I forgot that it was Thanksgiving. I know it was Thanksgiving because we all have a day off, but that was