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  • Day400 last review of 2020? (and into 21.1)

    I have been waiting for this day forever. Readers as you might notice the pattern that I have slow down my posting. It was a bit intentional on my part. I have been soft inting. I have mentioned many posts ago maybe around November that I was tilting… It became a hard tilt. I messed […]

  • Day331 Your Turn

    I don’t usually share other people’s content. I just don’t promote other people’s sites or writing. It is just not me. Maybe because if I draw attention to other people, I will draw attention to myself. And my MO is not to draw attention to myself. But I just came across a content I just […]

  • Day304 feeling defeated

    I am feeling a bit deflated. Maybe it is just a natural progression after a long weekend trip. I drove up to PA to meet with couple guys who were running a section of the Laurel Highlands Trail. None of the people in my group was running the whole thing that day but after I […]

  • why I run

    Day 246: I need some motivation to get me through this hump. I have been floored by many cancelations of events due to the COVID-19. When it is about other people’s races, I didn’t really care but when it is about my race, it’s personal! Last few days one after another, my races are dropping […]

  • Becoming something

    Day 158 It seems I complain a lot as I embark on this this new season of training. Depending on how you count it this should be my seventh or ninth season (if you count three seasons a year, spring, summer, and fall or just two winter and spring). I’m not really counting but it […]

  • Hmmm

    Yes it was cold. We have the coldest temperature this winter. -8 C today. To some this might be normal (like those in New England or many other parts of the country), and we are a bunch of whiners. But amazingly I ran. I think the harder the condition the more I want to run […]

  • Expectation

    I would like to believe that I am somehow better than last year in term of having greater endurance after completed all those marathons. I can tough through anything. Anyhow these last few weeks after my marathon (wow almost a month now), I am feeling very lethargic and it brought me down a notch. I […]