One more week before my run. I don’t have a runner body yet, but I love my body than ever before. Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror,

in the bathroom, you know before showering, boy, I can’t even recognize myself. My body in the last couple years has been changing. Maybe that I haven’t taken too much stock before because for most of my life I have been a geek and not a jock, ahem, so my body wasn’t that spectacular. However, with the running and gym I kind of like my body now. I won’t say it anywhere near perfection but I am quite please when I look at myself. Also I might be a weirdo, but sometimes, while driving I accidentally, place my hand on my quads and it feels good when I follow the curve of my muscles. I think I’m weird that way. But I am so pleased that my running have bulked up my legs.

I gained 6 pounds since I last weighed in. I think I’m a bit fat, maybe from eating to many McDonalds Big Mac or the chinese carry outs. I don’t take that good care on my body.

My race is a week out. It is getting there.

I guess I have been obssessed with running. On Wednesday night, our church is currently doing a series God at War, on the topic of idolatry and this week was on love. Many of our idols are actually good thing, but if we take it to the level where we find fulfilnent (happiness) in that something other than God, we have created an idol. I admit running currently is by far more important than anything.

Maybe because there isn’t anything in life at them moment any better than running. Some people might think, that I am missing out a lot of other good things like relationship, friends, family. Well maybe. I had those all things all my life but running now suddenly replaced all those. It changed my life. I have no regret but only want to run some more and always run…

(Day 18 end)

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