I never did [get to it]

I read a post from a very wise person. It reminded me if I want to do something, I got to do it immediately or else never. This weekend was basically a waste from a running stand point. I was going to run on Friday afternoon, that got push back to Friday night and that got push to Saturday and Sunday and now Monday. I am kind of disappointed in myself of things I didn’t do. 

Sure each delay had their reason. The alternative was not bad and even praise worthy! Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with family or friends? Yet looking back, I didn’t get to do one thing I love… my running.  No one to blame but myself. I was a bit lazy getting myself out the door. I could have squeezed running in the schedule if I really wanted to as I have done many times in the past.

What I did accomplish over the weekend was I mapped out all fifty races to do for 50 states! Yay! It is a bit premature to plan that far into the future, but it has been nagging in my head. I know there are thousands of marathons out there to do. I was overwhelmed on which ones to pick. There are many good ones, but there are only fifty states in the US 😦 ya, sucks, right?

I came to realize after too much time spent reading on many races; and my head exploded with information, you know, I don’t have to run only one race per state! And I don’t have to do 50 states thing just one time. I came across a comment about a guy/gal who had done it 11 times! This kind of took the pressure off me. Why do I feel pressure to do something just for fun?

In the end, I came up a list of races I want to do first, and I sorted it by month. I decided that at the beginning of each year / at the end of each year, I will choose some races to do for the following year from the list. This way it keeps my sanity.

I have decided to avoid doing the series races where you do five or six marathons in a week to cross off as many states as possible. I think that kind of defeat the fun of visiting each state. They do have their value but not for me.

I also overcame a mental roadblock whether to run in local races (in my state) because I live in an area where we have tons of races through out the year! Some races are even national championship events or have been in the past at one point. So to avoid local races is kind of shooting myself in the foot of missing out on great races, for example, I haven’t done the Richmond Marathon and I hear it is a great race to do. 

I came away with realizing why I want to run in 50 states in the first place. I just want to run in a marathon and to enjoy in it.  50 states is just a mean to expose myself to new courses and meet new people. In the end to be able to run in all fifty states is more a bragging right. Any way, it is a way to keep me engage in the sport.

Day 56

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